One-Handed Backhand – 012

The Foot Line

‘On Line Two’

Here we see Tommy Haas form another of tennis’ many lines.
Run the frames and watch, as the fully turned Tommy side-shuffles up the court slightly, to meet this shorter ball.

Line Two

As he steadies the leading foot before unleashing his racket head, Tommy creates what I call The Foot Line.

See it?


Then draw an imaginary line, from Tommy’s back foot to his front foot in 6 & 7: – this is the foot line and it points forwards, in the direction of your Connect 3 zone.

Delivery System

Watch how Tommy first creates this foot line with a full body turn, then shuffles it into a perfect position with neat footwork.

And when Tommy has set himself up perfectly, alongside the travel line of the ball, he delivers his payload into a perfect, out-front contact, as seen in the free-running animation (above) and also of Guga (below).

Gustavo Kuerten

Consider the concept of the Foot Line, and the clear-and-present benefits of a Closed Delivery along a clean-and-crisp path.

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