The Net Game – 009

Over and In

(over and out!)

Let’s have a look at more strokes in action, with particular focus on how players move over-and-in, to cut short the ball’s travel line and trim off those ever-widening angles. In order to do so – to get to the ball before it gets to you – you need to move in a way that allows you to exercise those cut-off genes.

‘What do you mean allow?’

Imagine a time-trial, in which you run a sprint from the baseline to the net as fast as you can.

‘Racket in hand?’

Yes. And if someone were to whack a ball to either side of you, whilst you were in full sprint mode, would you be able to hit it?

‘If its within easy reach, then yes, probably. But any wider, no.’


‘You can’t sprint forward and move sideways at the same time.’

My oh my, we are getting good. And it is for this reason that the net player’s net dash is followed by an easing-up….

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