The Serve – 005

Setting Up

Setting Up to Serve

If you’ve ever thrown a javelin or attempted to throw something over a long distance – a ball for your dog? – you’ll know that sideways is the best place from which to start your throw.

This is just a rough outline, but if you were to draw a line across Rafa or Pete’s shoulders and extend it to the other side of the court, it would point roughly in the direction of his opponent’s half of the court (especially when the serve gets under way).

In these frames, Pete Sampras, Martina and Rafa Nadal are sideways to the net, and if you set your feet in a similar side-on manner, you won’t be far wrong.

Angle grip is ready to roll out the un-angling process.

Enough angling, already!’

Draw a line between your toes and it points towards the half of the service box you are aiming at, keeping your body side-on to the net.

Shoulders at right-angles to the net.

Hands out in front of your body, ready to write a letter ‘W’ into the air and start the ‘two jobs.

We’re learning the alphabet now? What’s next, the kicking ‘K’-er?’

I’m about to explain.

The Serve – 006

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