The Serve – 008


Get a Feel for Perfection

Job One is the throw
Job Two is to put, or place, the ball perfectly in front of the thrown racket head.

Which of the two is easiest?’

Most people believe the part that requires least effort – the ball toss – but it is often the opposite.

Lots of budding tennis players find the throw of the racket quite natural, whereas the required precision of the ball toss can cause problems.

Precision, Precision, Precision

You should not be throwing the ball into the air, so you can then hunt it down and smack it.

Instead, you need to delicately feel the ball along a…

  • precise path, to reach a,
  • precise height, then fall back into a
  • precise location.

Oh, and you have to do it with (probably) your least talented hand.

A Gentle Sunrise

As he feeds the ball into the air, with extended arm and from an outstretched hand, precisely weighing the flight path, Rafa’s fingers open gently like petals, as the ball rises out of it like the morning sun (into a full serve).

No throwing, chucking or flinging.

Just a perfectly directed placement – a ball toss with feeling

‘Love you, my Ball Toss babe…’

… which has been weighed to perfection, so as to present itself in front of his thrown racket face at just the right time.

Rafa Nadal – feeding the face

As stated, coordination of these two events – to the centimeter and millisecond – is a requirement and the ball toss can take much considered practice.

Don’t get dispirited – small steps turn into miles… eventually.

The Serve – 009

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