TV Locations

Scenes to inspire a pen

To my mind, its easier writing a fiction in a suitably inspiring setting.
Not much use for novels, admittedly. But for script work, original ideas that come with a preferred set of locations should make life – and production – a lot easier.

In truth, I’ve been scouting locations most of my life to date – predominantly seeking out perfect cocktails of light and scene from which to make still images. As a consequence I’ve acquired a unique knowledge of Northern land and city scapes.

Creating Fictional Worlds
Many of these scenes inspired the ideas for my own scripts – but I’ve unearthed enough locations to flesh out a hundred TV series and most are within easy reach of each other.

Atmosphere & Tone

Keep scrolling, for every image on this oozes real atmosphere, and there’s neither filter nor fakery in site.

The Seasons

I never travel without a compass, primarily to work out where the sun rises and sets and where the shadows fall for each of the four seasons.

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