Two-Handed Backhand – 002

Read & React

Fully, with the F**t

The ball has been given a direction and in 1 thru 6 Rafa’s legs initiate the stroke with a push or shunt towards the travel line of the ball – He turns fully with the feet and not just with his shoulders.

Shove to Shift

Likewise Jenny Capriati, who shoves into a full turn of the body and shifts backwards to cover a deep ball in 1 thru 6.

All Turn

To reiterate, the notion that, because a player might deliver his or her payload more openly, they no longer need to take a turn of the legs, is rubbish.

To successfully move to cover the baseline, like Martina Hingis in this 3 frame click thru (which we’ll see in full later), you must turn with the legs, as does every world class player.

  • 1: Read the oncoming ball.
  • 2: React with the legs and simultaneously…
  • 3: … switch your grip (if you need to).

Which grip to keep on the racket between hits, as you await your opponent’s next effort?

Some players reboot to the grip of their chief weapon between shots, whereas beginners may do better returning to the grip of their least favourite groundie, which allows more time to concentrate on other things.

Trying a new backhand grip?

Avoid a last moment panics by returning – or defaulting – to it between shots.

Two-Handed Backhand 003

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