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Skill without vision and courage? Everywhere but here…

Calcutta Rescue

Doctor Jack Preger and Calcutta Rescue

Doctor Jack and Calcutta Rescue remembered.

Malcolm and Kitty Muggeridge

Malcolm Muggeridge

Days out at Park Cottage, home of Malcolm and Kitty, and chats with one of the greatest essayists of the past Century.

Shishu Bhavan, Calcutta/Kolkata

Missionaries of Charity Calcutta

Time spent at the Missionaries of Charity’s Shishu Bhavan, Calcutta/Kolkata

Mother House, Calcutta

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Brief Encounters with a Saint

Home of the Blues

Goodison Park Football Ground

Home of the Blues – one of the grand dames of football grounds

Home of the Reds

Anfield Football Ground

Match day and night at Anfield, Liverpool

Highbury Stadium

Highbury Stadium Arsenal

Twilight of Highbury and what was ‘the people’s game’.

Northern Soulies

Northern Soul 1A Personal History

Notes from the epicenter of Northern Soul’s Big bang

‘Don’t look at my eyes, Officer!’

Northern Soul 2: The Drugs

… Dex, Daps, Filon, Bombers, Prellies, Green & Clears

Out on the Floor

Northern Soul 3: The Dancing

Cudda wudda shudda been more…

Northern Soul 4: Richard Searling

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