Francisco de Goya and reasons why his work will live forever.

Malcolm Muggeridge

Meetings with one of the Greatest Essayists of the past century

Doctor Jack Preger & Calcutta Rescue

Doctor Jack Remembered

Northern Soul

Notes From the Epicenter of Northern Soul’s Big Bang –

An Illustrated Four Part Essay in 12,000 words

Northern Soul – Part 1

Northern Soul – Part 2

Northern Soul – Part 3

Northern Soul – Part 4

The Tennis Book

Welcome to one of the best technical tennis resources on the planet.

The tennis book is free – except for the Net Game, for which you make a £15 donation to the cause of tennis for all.

Please share these images, animations and pages with other tennis lovers.

Ode to Goodison Park

The True Blue Home of Everton F.C.

Anfield Football Ground

The other half of one of the most Amazing Cultural Spaces in the History of Sport

Highbury Stadium

The People’s Game at The People’s Stadium

Locations to Inspire a Pen

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