TV Location Scouting

Viewers are generally invited to this page. But captured locations like these deserve to be seen by anyone interested in quality photographic work and the limitless beauty of the North of England.

The Tennis Book

Technical Tennis as Art – The Ultimate Guide to Developing Quality Tennis Strokes

Forehand (free) – Backhand x 1Backhand x 2 The ServeThe Net Game


A Concept for Page and Screen

Book the First (Draft)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Johnny One Eye

A Drama for Stage, Film and Television

Northern Soul

Notes From the Epicenter of Northern Soul’s Big Bang –

An Illustrated Four Part Essay in 12,000 words

Northern Soul – Part 1

Northern Soul – Part 2

Northern Soul – Part 3

Northern Soul – Part 4

Ode to Goodison Park

The True Blue Home of Everton F.C.

Anfield Football Ground

The other half of one of the most Amazing Cultural Spaces in the History of Sport

Highbury Stadium

The People’s Game at The People’s Stadium

Malcolm Muggeridge

Meetings with one of the Greatest Essayists of the past century

Doctor Jack Preger & Calcutta Rescue

Doctor Jack Remembered

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