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In the early noughties it became clear that Manchester was about to change and I spent countless unpaid hours (over many years) clambering across rooftops and tramping streets with tripod, premium Canon ‘L’ lenses and a compass, working out myriad angles and how the fall of seasonal sunlight affected Manchester stone and brickwork: – over the years I’ve built up a library of thousands of original Manchester images.

As expected, most of the city’s best vistas and visages have gone forever – though not before I captured the the best ones in their glory.   

In tandem with Manchester, I’ve spent years capturing much of England’s North West in its best light, along with football grounds, Lancashire, Ribble and Pendle, North Yorkshire and the Dales, Northumberland, The Cotswolds, London, Edinburgh… not to mention more generic observational gems, some great clubbing images and Spanish architectural jewels like Salamanca and Santiago de Compostela.

I sold my work in Manchester’s legendary Royal Exchange Theatre (Craft) Shop for over 20 years, as well as other outlets like the shop at HOME (formerly Cornerhouse).

As with those great Manchester vistas, outlets for artistic originality in the city have always been scarce, but COVID has all but killed off what once was.

However, I’ve always preferred a personal approach – hence I’ve stayed in touch with many people who’ve bought my work in the past (once seen, rarely forgotten!), and they know where to come to fill a bare wall or fulfill the need for a stunning gift.

From stocking-filler to wall-filling original one-or-one photographic art pieces, on pretty much every available print media.
For those with seeing eyes – Vive la Difference.

Fuzzy Sun live – Kyle Ross
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