Tennis – The Forehand

Technical Tennis as Art

by evvy

Developing a Tennis Forehand

A Completely free, no-jargon, animated/illustrated guide to developing a world-class forehand tennis stroke… from scratch.
For Players, Parents and non-specialist Teachers.

No prior knowledge required, though an appreciation of the communicative arts is useful 😉

Forehand – Shape It UP

Developing the right forehand shape

Forehand – Grip

A Basic Understanding of Forehand Grips

Forehand – Palm Power

The Palm Principle explained

Forehand – Turn

No Turn? No stroke (worth sharing)

Forehand – Swingers

Putting Distance Between Racket Head and Ball

Forehand – Connect 3

Connect 3 = Perfect Contact

Forehand – Top

Putting Topspin on the Ball

Forehand – Rise & Fall

Rise and Fall of the Forehand Empire

Forehand – Read & React

Learning to Read

Forehand – Magnetism

Creating a Powerful Magnetism

Forehand – Front Foot

Front Foot Tennis on a Forehand

Forehand – Back Foot

Back Foot Forehands

Forehand – Open & Closed

An Open and Closed Case on the Forehand

Forehand – Loop Cycle

Putting even Greater Distance Between Racket Head and Ball

Forehand – Spun

Spin Spin Sugar

Forehand – Direction

Directing Your Forehand Traffic

Forehand – Aggressive Back Foot

Back-Foot Forehands with Attitude

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