TV Location Scouting

Location Scout – North of England (& Beyond)

In truth, I’ve been scouting locations most of my life to date – predominantly seeking out perfect cocktails of light and scene from which to make still images.

Consequently I’ve acquired a unique knowledge of Northern land and city scapes that could – no, should – be of premium relevance to producers of high quality film and television.

Creating Fictional Worlds

Many of my images & scenes originally inspired sections of my own writing – but I’ve unearthed enough locations to flesh out a hundred TV series and most are within easy reach of each other.

And I do not subscribe to the current vogue of knock-off ‘art’, which plunders other people’s ideas (and images) to make up for a lack of vision – I get out there and find my own photographic gems.

Limitless Stories

Decades of viewing the North of England through a lens has given me a unique knowledge of locations. As a professional stills photographer I understand light, the four seasons and the many perspectives that lenses offer.

Although I can find locations for individual scenes, this hardly tests someone who’s walked and cycled thousands of Northern miles in search of scenic inspiration and glittering nooks-and-crannies – I’ve acquired enough knowledge to furnish original locations for fully formed, spectacular tapestries in any genre – fantasy, period or urban.
And behind every image here there’s the potential for a thousand more scenes.

Atmosphere & Tone

Although perfect light for a stills photographer differs from the requirements for moving pictures, atmosphere is often a combination of light and location – keep scrolling, for every image on this oozes real atmosphere, and there’s neither filter nor fakery in site.

The Seasons

I never travel without a compass, primarily to work out where the sun rises and sets and where the shadows fall for each of the four seasons.
And I know what looks good and when.

Lensed Perspectives

As any good photographer of still or moving images is aware, each scene can be presented in myriad different ways by changing the focal length of the lens. I have a full understanding of lensed perspectives and can capture a variety of any given scene. and present them pre-production.

Urban Photography

…isn’t something I rarely shoot because I personally have no use for the images. However, this is the world in which I’m both from and belong, and as such have a full working knowledge.

Show me the script…

…or a relevant notated storyboard, I’ll find you a relevant selection of locations and deliver a selection of images for each.

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