Highbury Stadium Arsenal

Highbury Stadium and possibly the best replacement Photographically, I have many regrets, especially in relation to those football grounds that have disappeared forever. But I’m super-glad I made the effort to get to Arsenal’s Highbury Stadium, before it shut its doors to football’s paying public. Highbury Stadium has been part of the fabric of Highbury…… Continue reading Highbury Stadium Arsenal

Goodison Park Everton

Home of the Blues A Words & Pictures Celebration of Everton’s Goodison Park The brother of a friend tells a good story about Everton’s football ground. In the days when he worked for a Spanish bank, he decided to take one of the bank’s visiting bigwigs to a European night match against a Spanish side.…… Continue reading Goodison Park Everton

Doctor Jack Preger

The Grandfather of Pavement Medicine Doctor Jack and Calcutta Rescue Remembered Doctor Jack Preger has a slightly twisted sense of humour and I hadn’t been in Calcutta long before I was on the receiving end. Driving through the city in what was then a twenty six year old Jeep (and for all I know, Jack’s…… Continue reading Doctor Jack Preger

Malcolm Muggeridge

Muggeridge Remembered Meetings with one of the greatest essayists of the past Century at his Robertsbridge home. In my youth, I turned on the television to find Michael Parkinson interviewing some gnarled old chap I’d never seen before. Another guest shortly appeared, singing the praises of America and how generous the people were to him,…… Continue reading Malcolm Muggeridge