Tennis – One-Handed Backhand

Technical Tennis as Art

by evvy

Developing a One Handed backhand

A Completely free, no-jargon, animated/illustrated guide to developing a top quality one-handed backhand tennis stroke… from scratch.
For Players, Parents and non-specialist Teachers. No prior knowledge required.

Backhand x 1 – Thumb a Ride

A Principled Theory as fact

Backhand x 1 – Connect a Trois

Same Rule, Different Side

Backhand x 1 – Turned

Now Even More Essential

Backhand x 1 – Trigger Happy

Cocking the Trigger

Backhand x 1 – Trigger Happy 2

Going the Extra Mile (or meter)

Backhand x 1 – Two Shapes

Two Shapes for Brother Boris

Backhand x 1 – Unforgiven

The Achilles Elbow

Backhand x 1 – Techie Theatre

Theatrical Elaboration

Backhand x 1 – Steady ‘Eady

‘ AJourney around My Body’

Backhand x 1 – ‘On Line Three’

An Open and Closed Case on the Forehand

Backhand x 1 – Dropping Anchor

‘Hold those Lines!’ (well, two at least)
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