Tennis – Two-Handed Backhand

Technical Tennis as Art

by evvy

Developing a Two Handed backhand

A Completely free, no-jargon, animated/illustrated guide to developing a top quality two-handed backhand tennis stroke … from scratch.

For Players, Parents and non-specialist Teachers. No prior knowledge required.

Backhand x 2 – Two For One

Principle + Theory = Grip

Backhand x 2 – Turned

Turning Towards 2 Hands

Backhand x 2 – Route One

Simplest Prepping

Backhand x 2 – Perfection

Forward of… where, exactly?

Backhand x 2 – Lines

Perfecting a Payload

Backhand x 2 – Rafa & The Riser

Hitting the Rising Ball

Backhand x 2 – Suction

A Power Vacuum

Backhand x 2 – Re-Sources

Sticking it to the Fling-Swing

Backhand x 2 – Loopy Too

Hold Your Head Up High

Backhand x 2 – Job Opening

Putting Your Best Foot Backward?
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