How to Play Tennis

by evvy

An unparalleled educationalists guide to learning top quality tennis strokes.

– Want to know how accessible technical tennis can be?
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– The Forehand section is entirely free
– The rest is affordable for the vast majority.

To access the rest of The Tennis Book currently costs a measly £12 per year while we’re in both BETA and COVID mode.
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  • No prior knowledge required
  • Easy to follow stages,
  • sumptuously animated & illustrated
  • …with strokes of many of the all-time best tennis players,
  • shot from the photographer’s bench of major hard and clay court venues for over 30 years.

Technical Knowledge is Power – fill your boots and your racket bag.

The Forehand

Developing a Forehand from Scratch (free)

One-Handed Backhand

Learning (and teaching) a One-Handed backhand

Two-Handed Backhand

The Two Handed Backhand de (and re) Constructed

The Service

Grow Your Own Service Action

The Net Game

Think Net Play is a thing of the past?
You’re wrong.