Tennis – The Net Game

Technical Tennis as Art

by evvy

Everything else in the tennis book is free – but for the Net Game you make a £15 donation to the cause of tennis for all .

Arguably the most radical – and complete – guide to tennis Net Play you’ll ever read, which even the best players can learn from (at the very least, how to communicate!).

Illustrated with animations of some of the best ever Net Gamers, made from tournament photography spanning over 30 years.

The Net Zone

One Court, Two Games

Less is More (usually)

Viva Minimalism!

A Gripping Survey

Net Zone Grip Test

One Grip to Rule Them All

(and in the forecourt bind them).

The Parallel Principle

Parallel Rackets

Cut-Off Genes

Mind Over Rackets

Story So Far…

Technique in Action

Elevator Legs

The Volley Low -Down

Over and In

Genes in Action

Bounce Blocker

… and ‘The Absorbas’

High Balls

The Fruits of Aggression?

A Smashing Overhead 1

Rockets in Motion

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